How To Use Audio Kit Effectively

AK Audio LogoThese are some suggestions for deriving the greatest benefits from the ‘Making of the New Adam Kadmon’ Workshops Audio Kit. However, to quote our guides’ favourite advice: seek guidance from your intuitive self on whether these guidelines are helpful or applicable to you at all. Always follow your inner voice! 

  1. The MP3 tracks and the accompanying slides have been sequenced according to the workshop program. It is best that you listen to them in the order given in MP3 Tracks Index.
  2. The meditation and energy activation tracks are clearly identifiable. You only need to listen to them once but you may repeat them as often as desired.
  3. The Light Language channelings (which is always followed by translation and teachings) have been retained to provide you with the opportunity to formulate your own interpretations as an enhancement to the messages originally transmitted. You may wish to tune-in to the Light Language encodings and lock these vibrations into your heart chakra as you listen to them.

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