Recording of Master Teaching Class : Creating True Abundance, 3 Oct 2013

For full program of this master teaching class, go to Program.

To read Amara Tia’s sharing of the event  summary and sample track, read post of 4 Oct 2013.


Audio Recording Contents

The session’s recording is organised as 10 separate MP3 tracks for your easy listening, totaling 64 min.

Track 1: Session Opening – Invocation and Healing Meditation (9min)

Track 2: Role of Lord Maitreya and Office of the Christ (7min)

Track 3: How is Universal Energy Transformed to Experiences of Abundance (7min)

Track 4: What Does Abundance Mean to You (6min)

Track 5: What Limits the Process of Materializing Abundance (5min)

Track 6: Is Attracting Abundance the Same as Experiencing Joy (5min)

Track 7: What is Optimal State of Spiritual Health to Experience Abundance (7min)

Track 8: What is Money (6min)

Track 9: Questions from Audience (4min)

Track 10: Energy Gift from Office of the Christ: DNA Activation and Expansion of Christ Consciousness (8min)


Order Instructions

  • Price for entire set of 10 tracks : Singapore Dollars 15.00
  • Email with subject title ‘Order MTC Recording’, indicating your name
  • A PayPal invoice will be issued; upon payment, download links will be sent to you by email.


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