Recording of Master Teaching Class, The Flame of Shamballa

Please go to : Master Teaching Class, The Flame of Shamalla, 8 March 2012 for programe.

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2 thoughts on “Recording of Master Teaching Class, The Flame of Shamballa”

  1. Thanks a lot! So amazing this session! It was such a blessing to get a confirmation of what I saw in my dreams when I held my crystal computer given by angels…
    I saw Sirius, the call on Venus and the descent in our bodies was painful …
    I have been seing recently the 3 flames on top of the violet flame and writing a decree they gave to me…so it was great to see that the pink, blue and gold flame I was seing all the time especially when healing people was the 3 folded flame of Shamballa
    So beautiful. Thank you Ann for your work as it helped me a lot through this awakening process….you are a true light bearer along the way….

    Much love and light

    • Thank you, Fana for your valuable and assuring feedback. May you always be guided by the Light and Love within. Blessings, Ann.

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