Recording of Master Teaching Class – The Initiation, New Moon 11 January 2013


In celebration of the first New Moon of …

  • A new year, 2013
  • A new World Age of 5,125 years; and
  • A new precessional cycle of 25,625 years

this Master Teaching Class held in Singapore was indeed filled with goddess magic. Representing the different qualities of the Divine Mother, four goddesses of Egyptian tradition transmitted teachings and energy activations of a wide spectrum of  vibrational frequencies and content, ranging from the recent energetic shift of the Sun and its impact on Earth’s climate (As Above) to how to maximise the fire element in our body for physical healing (So Below).

Go to New Moon MTC for the program.

Audio Recording Contents

Each set consists of the folllowing MP3 tracks:

Track 1: Invocation of Guides (6 min)

Track 2: Theme Introduction (6 min)

Track 3: Goddess Hathor – Triad of the Suns (14 min)

Track 4: Goddess M’aat – Union of Soul Mates and Twin Flames (23 min)

Track 5: Goddess Sekhmet – Igniting Passion and Health through Gift of Fire (17 min)

Track 6: Goddess Isis – The Return of Divine Man To The Galactic Family of Oneness (15 min)

Order Instructions

Price:  Singapore Dollars S$15 per set, including accompanying presentation slides

Email with subject title “Order Recording” to receive the payment and MP3 download instructions


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