The Goddess Dance Workshops Audio Kit



The Goddess Dance workshops were sponsored by 8 Lady Masters (Green Tara, Maat, Sekhmet, Kali, Mary Magdalene, Artemis, Lakshmi and Kuan Yin) and delivered in 4 countries from September to December 2013. The intent of this work is to assist ourselves in grounding New Earth’s 5th dimensional consciousness by awakening and engaging our divine feminine presence to embrace and heal our physical body. The deeper our connection with our body, the more in-tuned we are with the Earth’s heartbeat and thus, the more effective we can serve as agents of light for Earth and her dwellers.

This comprehensive audio kit is intended to serve as a self-healing and meditation tool for anyone keen in developing a closer relationship with his body and thus, with Mother Earth.

  • For guidelines on using Audio Kit, go to User’s Guide
  • For related teachings and energy transmissions available on ACAST blog, go to Free Resource.


Contents: The audio kit is organised into 10 main sections, with a total of 51 audio tracks (total duration 4.5 hours). See MP3 Tracks Index for details.

Price: Singapore Dollars S$44 for the entire set.

Payment: by PayPal or inter-bank transfer if you have a bank account in Singapore

To Order: Email with subject title ‘AK Workshop Audio Recording Order’; please indicate the email address for sending the PayPal invoice if it is different from your correspondence email.


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