Wesak Festival Meditation Audio Recording

What is Wesak Festival
Wesak Day marks Lord Gautama Buddha’s birth on earth, his attainment of buddhahood and departure from physical body. An Ascended Master on the Spiritual Hierarchy, Lord Buddha has undertaken to return to the world annually on this day to shed upon it a flood of blessing. This particular day is called the Wesak Festival and there will be tremendous outpouring of beneficent forces on this occasion. Participated by all Ascended Masters and hosted by Lord Buddha, Wesak each year is the high point of incoming spiritual energies to the Earth where humanity receives the highest frequency of light, stimulating the spirit of love, brotherhood and goodwill.

“The meditation at Wesak Valley, joined by the Spiritual Hierarchy, was a moment of deep connection with Lord Buddha – the embodiment of divine wisdom and the Planetary Logos responsible for the evolution of all satient beings on Earth. Through the group recitation of the Metta Loving Kindness Prayer, the golden blessings of enlightenment from Lord Buddha were shared with the world. Ascended Master Sanat Kumara then guided us in anchoring the Wesak light at Shamballa for the benefit of all Lightworkers.”

  • To read more of Amara Tia Ann’s sharing on the meditation proceedings, go to post of May 15, 2014.


Audio Recording Order Information

  • This recording can be used for reconnecting with the Wesak Festival annually on the full moon of May. 
  • Consists 6 Tracks (total duration 70 min) with accompanying slides
  • Channelings for individual participants on their Personality Rays and their initiations to the Chohans are not included
  • Contents:
    • Track 1 – Invocation of Goddess Kuan Yin (4 min)
    • Track 2 – Program Introduction; Buddha on Wesak Festival (12 min)
    • Track 3 – Maitreya on Order of Wesak Ceremony (5 min)
    • Track 4 – Sanat Kumara on Shamballa and Three Fold Flame (8 min)
    • Track 5 – Chohans of the Seven Rays on Ray Qualities (24 min)
    • Track 6 – Meditation at Wesak Valley and Shamballa; Metta Prayer ( 18 min)
  • Listen to sample track (5 min):


  •  Price: Singapore $15 for the entire set.
  • To order, email info@acast.me with subject title “Order Wesak Festival Meditation Audio Tracks”




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