Light Language Energy Transmissions !

2013 Update:  Since 2013, the energy transmissions have been incorporated into the respective blog posts which detailed the accompanying messages and teachings. All posts are archived under Pearls of Wisdom- Channeled Messages, accessible through the ACAST home page.


2012 February : 

2012 is the time when Earth will be constantly showered with new ascension energy from the Galactic Center as the Sun and Solar System move toward full alignment with the equator of the galaxy. I have been receiving these energy downloads every day and found myself speaking the Light Language almost 24/7!.

Spirit has asked that I translate and disseminate these digital messages from the Galactic Core and star constellations outside our galaxy to as many as Light Workers and as quickly as possible, so they be assisted in their ascension process – both in terms of getting new information as well as receiving energy ‘upgrades’ for necessary reconfiguration and remodelling of the human light body.

Look under the respective months for the Light Language transmissions released in 2012.



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