FAQ – Food Coding Using Geometrical Drawings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: It works wonders! thankyou! Just a few small questions though, since there are specific codes for males and females, which codes do we use if the food is to be shared by a group ? 

Ann’s response:  If the food is shared by both men and women, use both sets of drawings but on different dishes so that the healing energies absorbed by everyone at the table are of a good balance. E.g. use the Men’s Code on fish item and the Women’s on vegetables etc. However if individual portions are served, it is best to charge the food using the respective codes.

Question 2: I activated my hard copy twice, does it matter as your instructions say to do so only once?

Ann’s Response: The code needs only be activated once for the healing energies to  continue to flow from it. It is perfectly fine if you’ve performed the activation more than once.

Question 3:  If I’m making it into coaster, can I use the men’s code on one side(top) and the women’s code on the other side(bottom), vice versa?

Ann’s Response: Ideally, the Men’s and Women’s code should be printed and made as separate coasters to preserve their integrity.

Question 4:   May I insert the flower of life or OM symbol into the middle (center hidden)?

Ann’s Response: Different sacred symbols serve different purposes. This is the reason for them being embedded with different energy vibrations. Since the food coding geometrical patterns and the accompanying sound vibrations were specifically given to us for purifying food, I would not recommend adding other symbols onto them.

Question 5: Does the code need to be activated by the person using or someone else can activate on their behalf? 

Ann’s Response: It is best that the code is activated by the user himself/herself. By doing so, the user is effectively telling the Universe that he/she is ready to receive this gift of healing. This is a practice of the universal principle “Ask and You Shall be Given”. The Mother or caregiver of young kids can perform the activation on their behalf though. 

Question 6.  When you activate the hard copy and then make copies of this for coasters or table mats etc, do you then have to activate of the the coasters and mats?

Ann’s Response: No, that is not necessary.

Question 7:  As I am pregnant (with a baby boy), is it ok to use the woman drawing only for my food? 

Ann’s Response: Yes, I would think this would be the general rule (use the drawing according to the gender of the user) since not all pregnant mothers know the sex of their baby. 


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1 thought on “FAQ – Food Coding Using Geometrical Drawings”

  1. Hi Ann, I would like to use these drawings for sure. But if you have some specific feedback on the effects of using these drawings, I’d love to read about them … 🙂


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