8 April – Releasing Outdated Archetypal Energies – Easter Gift from Isis

Scroll down for energy transmission.

At the Song of the Stars workshop in Sydney, Goddess Isis gifted us with a powerful energy activation for releasing old archetypal energies which no longer serve our highest good.

What are archetypal energy patterns? 

Information source: http://www.judecurrivan.com/media-articles/articles/the-8th-chakra-and-the-universal-heart/

Our specific experiences are unique to us, but there are archetypal patterns of behaviour and consequential traumas that are embodied in both our individual and collective experience. These are triggered by events in this lifetime, we have very often played out the same archetypal theme in other lives. There are five fundamental traumas that to some degree or other we all embody. It is the recognition and the energetic release of these that offers us healing at the level of our soul. And as the nature of the holographic Cosmos is that we are all ultimately inter-related, as we heal the one, we heal the whole. These archetypal traumas are abandonment, abuse, betrayal, denial and rejection. For many of us, it will be one of these primary traumas that we may recognise in our own life as a repeating pattern of experience and pain on physical, emotional and mental levels. But we may only be consciously aware of a small fraction of their essential character. For like icebergs, their deeper nature and causation may lie beneath the perception of our conscious mind and buried in the habitual responses of our subconscious. As we experience their repeating themes, we are both the giver and receiver in the dynamics of their behaviour. For example, if we embody the archetype of abandonment, we may not only find ourselves being abandoned, but in other circumstances, may be the one carrying out an act of abandonment. And, as is the case for all such archetypal traumas, we will ultimately abandon ourselves.

Click here for LIVE RECORDING of energy transmission gifted on Good Friday 2012: Karmic_Archetypal Energy Release

Transmuting outdated archetypal patterns is one important aspect of preparing the human body to hold the 5th dimensional energy frequency – a key deliverable and outcome of the Song of the Stars workshop. For information on this 3-day intensive program and run dates, please visit: Workshop details. Blessings, Ann.

3 thoughts on “8 April – Releasing Outdated Archetypal Energies – Easter Gift from Isis”

  1. I thank you. Blessings to al. Jean

  2. Great energy transmission by Isis.. Thank You Ann for sharing

  3. Ann, thank you so much for this transmission. Interestingly, I was just working on this aspect of my healing this morning and receiving your transmission was just what I needed to increase the energy and focus to assist with the releasing. I asked spirit for help and received it within an hour! Blessings, Kate

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