22 Feb 2012 – Release of Karmic Fear of Spiritual Success and Leadership

Scroll down for audio recording.


I first connected with Goddess Isis after my spiritual awakening in 2004. I recalled being trained as a high priestess in her Ancient Egyptian Mystery School in my previous incarnations. This is the probably the reason I have always been fascinated by the Great Pyramid of Giza as well as the Sphinx. Isis is from the Sirius star system and carries many titles including Moon Goddess, Goddess of Magic and Healing and on the Spiritual Hierarchy, she represents the Lord of Karma.


On this New Moon in Pisces, Goddess Isis is gifting us with an energy activation for releasing karmic patterns relating to fear of success in one’s spiritual pursuits and service. She explained that a sizable number of the Light Workers in incarnation now had suffered past life traumas of being rejected, ostracised or ridiculed for their spiritual gifts and talents. Others were visionaries condemned and prosecuted as occult leaders when their teachings and practices were deemed to contradict the main stream beliefs and cultures of those times. These traumatic experiences could have remained in the cellular memory of these Light Workers for several life times and if not rebalanced or transmuted into Light and Love, these old energies would easily manifest as a deep fear for success and achievement as we pursue and express our spirituality.

Audio Recording of Energy Activation

To listen to audio recording of energy activation: Click Isis-Karmic Clearing 22Feb12.  Repeat daily for one week and thereafter, as and when you feel threatened, uncertain or doubtful about expressing your spiritual gifts and leadership capability.

New Moon symbolises a new beginning, venture or even a new energetic body. It is my pleasure and honour to assist in transmitting this New Moon gift to all Light Workers.Blessings, Ann

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2 thoughts on “22 Feb 2012 – Release of Karmic Fear of Spiritual Success and Leadership”

  1. Dragana said:

    wow this is what i have been looking for…once the transmition started i was overwhelmed with emotion and then the release. The body never lies when my soul speaks through it. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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