7 Feb 2012 – Prayer to Ra for Benediction and Protection


Ancient Egyptian Prayer to Ra (Sun God) for Benediction and Protection
Gifted by Goddess Isis

Full Moon, 7 Feb 2012

Received in Light Language and Translated by Ann

Please scroll down to listen to recording of the Light Language Prayer

Background/Purpose of Prayer

Channeled : Goddess Isis advised that this prayer carry the same energy patterns as those used in ancient Egyptian during the reign of King Akhenaten of the 18th dynasty (but transmitted through me in much higher octaves of energy frequencies, compared to back then). By promoting the worship of the Sun, King Akhenaten’s objective was to unite the people of Egypt and lessen the power of priests and cults who propagated teachings who were not of Love and Unity .

This prayer gifted by Isis serves the same purpose of harmonising all intentions of mankind by aligning our heart (feminity) and mind (masculinity) with each other and with the Sun – the center of the Solar System. It heightens the consciousness of Oneness and Unity in our higher mind and our body. This is a prayer most suited for the current time on Earth as we enter a new cycle of perfect alignment between Earth, Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun.


Place both your hands on your heart chakra (center of your chest) and listen to the Light Language prayer or verbalise the translated prayer for:

a) Initiating group meditation or other forms of group events (to harmonise collective energy)

b) harmonising your energy field to restore inner balance e.g. when mentally or emotionally stressed

Listen to Light Language Prayer 


“Oh Almighty Ra!

Thank you for gifting us Light and Life

We hold you in our heart in reverence

May we always remember we are children of the One God

May our heart and mind be joined with yours

May we be protected from all harms through your greatness and kindness

And so it is!”

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Copyright Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation LLP © 2012

1 thought on “7 Feb 2012 – Prayer to Ra for Benediction and Protection”

  1. I really resonate with your work and your ‘language’ dear Ann. Many, many thanks for your work. I am happy to have “found” you. Love, Teresa

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