8 Feb 2012 – Gift of Lemurian Encodings

10th Feb 2012 Update: The audio recording of this meditation is now available. Please go to Full Moon Meditation 8 Feb 2012. Andy and I would love to receive your feedback on these recordings or other aspects of our work. Feel free to provide your comments via the blog. Follow this blog (by clicking on FOLLOW button on sidebar on the left) to get instant updates of our latest posts. Blessings, Ann.

Update on 8th Feb Meditation ‘Remembering Lemuria’: We had a wonderful meditation last night, with Lord Sanada (Master Jesus) and Lady Nada as the spiritual hosts. Andy and I are processing the audio recording of the teachings and energy healings transmitted to the group. It will be made available on this page soon. By selecting ‘Follow’ on our Home Page, you’ll be updated instantly when the audio recording is released, plus all our latest posts. Meanwhile, you may read today’s post appearing on Home Page re: Twin Flame Reunion (a topic discussed last night). Namaste, Ann. 9th Feb.

Copyright Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation LLP © 2012

5 thoughts on “8 Feb 2012 – Gift of Lemurian Encodings”

  1. Hi my brothers, I’m an Italian Light Worker, at now I’ve received messages from Lemuria, Shamballah and Jesus. Please I need the text from “Remembering Lemuria” audio file…
    Can you help me? I thank you in advance…
    My Love and Blessings are with you,


    • Hi Akyna. We do not transcribe the audio recording. There is no text as such. Blessings, Ann.

      • Ok, I have to do it myself… by the way, English (American) is not my language, I’m sure I’ll have much difficulty to translate it in Italian by an audio file… thank you for your answer.
        Light to you

  2. where is the “follow” button?

    • Hi Bryon
      We have added a FOLLOW button on the left hand column of our Home Page. Just click on it and you’ll receive email alerts of our latest postings. Thanks for your interest in our work. Blessings, Ann

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