Galactic Transmissions On Earth Ascension Day – 21st December 2012 (Singapore)

At this event celebrating the Ascension of Earth, the Galactic Council and Spiritual Hierarchy shared valuable information on the destiny of New Earth and evolutionary path of the Milky Way Galaxy in the new Galactic Cycle which began on 22nd December 2012. Several energy activations were also gifted to support us in creating an empowering new beginning at the onset of a new World Age.

Listen to live recording of all key messages and energy transmissions:

  • Track 1: Lord Maitreya on Destiny of New Earth, New Humans (10 minutes)

Click : 

  • Track 2 (IMPORTANT) : Elohim – re-activation of original life matrix as perfect angelic being (7 min)

Click :

  • Track 3: Galactic Council – Formation of planetary councils on New Earth; Potency of Post-21.12.2012 vibrational thought patterns  (14 min)


  • Track 4: Isis – Enhancing and igniting feminine creative force (6 min)


  • Track 5: Pleiades – Expressing the enhanced creative force (2 min)


  • Track 6: Energy Gifts from the 13th Dimension and Archangels on Abundant Living on New Earth (12 min)


Below is the mandala quoted in Track 6. Information about the artist Ellen Or available at website and email:



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