12 July – Restoring the Glory of Womanhood through Sound Healing

Message from the Lady Masters

Three Lady Masters – Isis, Mary Magdalene and Nada – gifted us with a Light Language and vibrational sound sequence for releasing severe energy distortions present in a woman’s reproductive system. These healing sounds will aid in correcting prolonged energy imbalances causing the following types of cancer:

  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian (ovary) tubes
  • Uterus
  • Cervix
  • Vagina

We Are and Will Become What Our Soul Remembers

The Lady Masters explained in the last 13000 years of Earth’s evolution, there had been several cycles where the masculine energy had nominated the thinking and being of mankind, resulting in severe suppression, denial and oppression of the Divine Feminine and Goddess Presence within us. Such a planetary energy imbalance manifested as traumatic and painful sufferings inflicted on those incarnated as women during those eras. These emotional and mental scars would have left a deep negative imprint on the soul of these women, causing them to attract similar victimization experiences in their subsequent life times, including the manifestation of physical dysfunctions, in particular cancer of the reproductive organs.

New Moon in Cancer 18 July 2012

The zodiac sign of Cancer symbolises motherhood and all the fine qualities of femininity while New Moon ushers in new beginnings. This healing sound track is a Gift of New Health from Isis, Lady Nada and Mary Magdalene to all women who are diagnosed with or suspect they have contracted cancer of the reproductive organs. As the underlying out-dated energy patterns of victimization and sacrifice are being transmuted and neutralised to Oneness and Harmony, the body will have a much better chance of healing and regaining its natural health, especially if the mind is also empowered by loving and positive thoughts.


Click Goddess Healing Sounds 12July 2012 to listen.

Application Guidelines

  1. If you or your family members have a history of cancer of any of the reproductive organs, it may be useful to use this healing sound track, at least once, to release any remnant energy distortions in that area.
  2. Listen once upon receiving this audio track; repeat it on New Moon, the day before and the day after New Moon (that is, on 17, 18 and 19 July). Thereafter, listen to it as often as you feel guided.
  3. Place your right hand on the heart chakra and left hand on the womb while listening, preferrably lying down
  4. Important Reminder: This healing resource is not meant to replace any of the medication or treatments which you’ve been or will be prescribed by the medical professionals whom you’re consulting, regarding the cancerous dis-sease your body is or may be experiencing. Do seek their advice if you wish to suggest changes to your existing prescriptions or medical treatments, after using this healing aid.

May your body be healed and empowered by the Light and Love of Isis, Mary Magdalene and Lady Nada. Blessings, Ann.

3 thoughts on “12 July – Restoring the Glory of Womanhood through Sound Healing”

  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  2. Thanks for this gift. Can we use this sound healing for imbalance female hormones?

    • Hi Yvonne

      Yes, you may do so. Isis explains that all dis-eases arise from imbalanced chakras which then affect the secretion of hormones and enzymes by the endocrine systems. Blessings, Ann.

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