9 July – Wearing the Isis Crown of Spiritual Protection, Gifted by Sirian High Council


Goddess Isis, an enlightened being from the Sirius star system, contacted me this morning and delivered a present on behalf of the Sirian High Council. She calls it the Isis Crown of Spiritual Protection.

She explained when she walked the Earth as the Queen of Ancient Egypt, she remained in full telepathic communication with Sirius and other star systems under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Council. In order to protect her thoughts from being hijacked or in any way disrupted or contaminated by beings not from the Light, she was gifted with this etheric crown by the Sirian High Council. As the veil between Earth and the other realms diminish rapidly as a natural process of Earth’s ascension, visitations by beings from other dimensions become easier which makes us potentially more vulnerable to unwarranted and unwelcomed intrusions.

Furthermore, those of us who are more in tune with the galactic energy are also becoming more telepathic among ourselves. By its very nature, working with galactic vibrations expand our consciousness and energy system to bring about a collective awakening, one of the effects include reviving the telepathic connection with fellow humans.  Utilising the Isis Crown of Spiritual Protection will also help to detect, transmute and upgrade low vibrational thoughts and thought forms which we may attract to ourselves telepathically.

To Use This Gift

1. Visualise three concentric rings of these colours revolving around your head in a horizontal plane :  Electric Blue (innermost ring), Violet (middle ring) and Gold (outermost ring).

2. Listen to Isis’s energy transmission in Light Language : 9 July Isis Crown for Protection. You need only listen to it once.

3. Bring up the same visualisation per step 1, each time you feel a need to shield your thoughts from a particular environment you’re in or to protect your telepathic connection with your guides.

4. Meanings of the colour vibrations:

Electric blue – Isis’s and Sirian energy signatire;

Violet – transmute, rebalance or neutralise;

Golden – the desired energy of higher and purer quality, after the process of transmutation by the violet ray.

May this gift from the Sirian High Council bring you peace and protection as you awaken fully to your stellar gifts. Blessings, Ann.

Go to Calendar of Events for workshops and courses led by Isis and the Sirian High Council.

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