4th June – Remembering Your Star Language, Full Moon Gift from Galactic Council and Thoth

As star seeds, we had travelled from our respective star systems to Earth to be part of a spiritual force catalysing the expansion of the human consciousness. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. That was exactly what we did. To carry our work as agents of light on Earth, we were made to gradually forget our characteristics and abilities as a star being, so we could inter-mingle with the root races of Earth.

The Earth, the Sun and the Solar System are moving towards a perfect alignment with the Galactic Equator by the end of 2012, completing what is known as the 26000-year Precessional Cycle of the Equinox. This opens a pathway for the galactic energies to flow into the Earth and be infused into our energy bodies, stimulating the remembrance of our star lineages and re-activating our star abilities.

Full Moon in Gemini

The zodiac sign Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which is associated with the Mind and Communication. 

On this full moon in Gemini and lunar eclipse day, I was approached by the Cosmic Master Thoth and the Galactic Council of Light to transmit an energy activation that will assist us in remembering  our star language. You can imagine the Galactic Council of Light as an advisory board made up of representatives from the star nations involved in and responsible for fulfilling the divine plan on Earth and her people.

Given that they originate from more evolved and advanced civilisations, star languages typically carry high pulsating light and sound codes. Remembering and speaking our ‘native’ star languages helps connect our mind with the Galactic intelligence and enhances our communication with our stellar families, so more of our star abilities could be recalled and utilised for shaping the New Earth of the 5th Dimension. 

Click 4 June Activation-Star Language to listen.

Application Guidelines

  1. Place your right hand on the throat chakra and the left hand on the third eye while listening to the energy activation
  2. For best results, listen to the activation recording daily for 3 consecutive days; thereafter as and when you wish

Full Moon Blessings, Ann

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