12 March 2012 – Clearing Radiations from Solar Flares, Archangel Michael

Scroll down for energy transmission.

The largest solar flare in four years exploded last week on 6th March 2012, followed by another major eruption on 8th March. “The most powerful explosions in the solar system, solar flares occur when magnetic field lines on the sun cross, cancel each other out, then reconnect. These explosive reconnections release huge amounts energy as heat ” (source: national geographic news). Radiations harmful to the human body are also released during such solar storms. Since the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, the protective shield in the atmosphere has become less effective in blocking these harmful radiations from entering our body.

Archangel Michael revealed that if you have had these unusual symptoms in the past few days, such as diarrhoea, stiff neck and shoulders, numbness, severe headaches and extreme exhaustion, you could be affected by the recent solar flares. To discharge your body of these harmful radiations, please use this energy healing gifted by Archangel Michael.

Click Solar Flares Clearing 12Mar12 to listen to the energy transmission.

Application Guidelines

  • Drink a big glass of water before and after listening to the energy transmission
  • Lie down with palms facing up when listening
  • Listen once a day, until all symptoms have subsided
  • Symptoms may become more severe the next day but please continue using the energy transmission until you are healed completely of the symptoms

3 thoughts on “12 March 2012 – Clearing Radiations from Solar Flares, Archangel Michael”

  1. I definitely felt the energy from the transmission. Wow. Two of my children also said they started to feel better immediately after just hearing it once. Thank-you so much, Ann. I will keep you posted and we will keep listening everyday till everyone is totally feeling better. Much love to you, Ann.

  2. Thank-you so much, Ann. Many members in my family and I have had these symptoms. Much love to you

    • You are most welcome, Liza. Hope your family members and yourself will get better after the energy support from Archangel Michael. I’ll appreciate receiving your feedback to assist in refining the ‘remedy’, so we can all be better prepared when the next solar flare hits us. Thank you. Much Love, Ann.

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