19 March 2012 – Releasing Anger, Isis


The memory of anger is often carried in our liver, gall bladder and spleen. If this dense energy is not released from the cellular memory of these organs, not only will we attract more experiences of feeling and being angry (Law of Resonance), it can also bring about dis-seases of these organs.

The emotion of anger can be aroused easily when the fire element in our body is disproportionately stronger than the other elements and we fail to engage it in a creative or constructive manner. As we approach New Moon in Aries and Aries being a the fire sign, the suppressed anger in our body may be triggered through our thoughts, feelings and actions during this period. For neutralising and re-balancing the vibrations of anger in our body, you may find this energy activation from Goddess Isis particularly helpful.

Listen to energy activation Release of Anger_Isis 19Mar2012.

If you suspect your body is retaining memories of anger, rage or even violence, please use the energy transmission daily for three days i.e. until the New Moon of 22nd March. Thereafter, use it as and when required. Do drink lots of water to help the body purge the toxins and impurities.

Many Blessings, Ann.

Copyright Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation LLP ©2012

1 thought on “19 March 2012 – Releasing Anger, Isis”

  1. Thanks to Isis and to you Ann!

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