21 March 2012 – Expansion of Third Eye, Sirian High Council

Scroll Down For Energy Activation.

My spirit guides from the Sirius Star System – currently a 6th dimensional civilisation within our galaxy – shared an interesting message regarding the telepathy ability the humans had forgotten.

They said a minority of the human race was inter-bred with the Sirian and other Christed star beings during Ancient Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. The descendant star-humans naturally inherited the genetic composition of the evolved Sirians, including telepathic communication among star-humans and with the various star systems.

To support this enhanced function of their brain, star-humans were born with what we’ll consider now as an exceptionally long head and a much larger pineal gland (refer to illustrations above, extracted from “The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volume 1”). The elongated head and more developed pineal gland were essential for maintaining a fully developed crown chakra and third eye, so the star-humans could remain completely aligned with their higher self (soul consciousness) despite having a physical body.

As the veil separating the Earth’s and higher dimensions of consciousness gets thinner by the day, the Sirians are now able to directly assist us in heightening our consciousness, thus facilitating the restoration of lost star ability such as our telepathy and intuitive connection. This is the reason for the Sirian High Council to have gifted us with this brilliant New Moon energy transmission.

Listen to Sirian 3rd Eye Expansion 21Mar2012

Application Guidelines

Should you develop a headache, which can be a normal reaction following an activation of the third eye , I suggest perform grounding to release the ‘excess’ energy to Mother Earth. Resting in a quiet place will also help to release the tension felt in the head. And of course, drink lots of water.

You may listen to this energy activation in sets of 3 on every New Moon and/or whenever you are needing to decide on an issue intuitively.    

PS. Disclaimer from ACAST: No guarantee that you won’t wake up tomorrow morning with an elongated head. Ha! Blessings, Ann.

Copyright Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation LLP © 2012

2 thoughts on “21 March 2012 – Expansion of Third Eye, Sirian High Council”

  1. Hi Ann , now I understand what you meant when you wanted to show me this picture and could not find it….I might indeed come from Sirius ….ahahaha….
    Thanks for the work you’re doing.

    Much love and light

    • You are from Sirius. The very fact that you are on this site reading about it proves it. Your confirmation should be when you speak it ….not “I might very well be” but “I Am From Sirius”, Ann has helped you remember.Thank you Ann

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