6 March 2012 – OM Meditation

Scroll down for recording of meditation practice.

In May 2005, I was at ashram of Lord Sathya Sai Baba at White Fields, Bangalore. I had no agenda, at least none that I was conscious about. An inner voice had urged me to pay him a visit and so I did. That was the only time I met him in person together with hundreds of his followers. I’m glad I made that trip and connected with this enlightened being before his physical death in 2011. In my meditation yesterday, Baba descended to teach me something new about the ancient symbol and mantra ‘OM’.

Channeled: The most profound is often found in the simplest of all forms. The singular symbol “OM” (Ann’s note: as shown above) is the cosmic breath that unifies all universes and kingdoms of consciousness – from the most rudimentary to the most sophisticated intelligence. The mystical sound of “OM” restores the beauty, perfection and balance in all organic life.

Sound the mantra of OM as you visualise the symbol on your third eye, throat chakra, heart chakra, palms and feet. This practice brings about powerful healing effects to the body and mind and cultivates the virtue of compassion and kindness:  Third eye – promotes kindness of thoughts; Throat chakra – kindness of speech;  Heart chakra – kindness of feelings; palms – kindness of deeds; feet -kindness to all life forms on Earth. I am the Cosmic Christ Sai Baba, gifting you the cosmic breath of OM.

Here’s a demonstration of this OM meditation practice. Click Om Meditation 6 Mar 2012 to listen. Blessings, Ann.

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