8 March 2012 Hall of Life – Full Moon Gift from Thoth

Scroll down for recording of energy activation.

The great master, Thoth was in embodiment for three times as : Atlantean Priest-King, Egyptian Scribe and Hermes Trismegistus of Ancient Greece. Quite often, I invoke Thoth to assist with psychic surgery, DNA recoding and other complex healings for my clients. In ancient Egypt, Thoth was also known as the Mood God of Science and Magic. It was no big surprise when he appeared in my mind today (full moon of March), requesting I deliver this gift to ALL.

Thoth wrote the Emerald Tablets while in Atlantis. One of the tablets talk about the Halls of Amenti. He told me within the Halls of Amenti, there is a secluded section Hall of Life where the flame of eternity is burning. During this time when many of us are feeling physically challenged with various ascension symptoms, increasing solar flares and radiations in Earth’s atmosphere, Thoth’s gift of connecting us to the Hall of Life can never be more timely. I was told this flame quickens and solidifies the alchemical changes in our biological system, hence reducing the down-time of our body during this period of healing and transformation.

Listen to the energy transmission: Hall of Life 8Mar2012.

Application Guidelines

His advice is to use this energy booster, as he calls it, on every full moon especially from March to June 2012 when the planetary energy is typically stronger but also more volatile. Listen to the energy activation in sets of 3 each time.

You’ll probably need to wait for 1-2 hours (or even longer depending on your body’s receptivity to healing) before you really begin to feel more energised. Thoth explains the Flame of Eternity is targeted at revitalising the physical heart (being the key organ which keeps the physical body alive), so it will take a bit of time before the rest of the body feel energised too.

Blessings, Ann.

Copyright Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation LLP © 2012

5 thoughts on “8 March 2012 Hall of Life – Full Moon Gift from Thoth”

  1. Maria Jose said:

    Dear Ann,,,Thanks for the transmission..and thank you thoth!!I work a lot with enrgies and crystals..but I,ve been feeling sooo tired and sluggish these past weeks!! Even I,ve been doing lot of energy work on myself..couldn,t shake it off!!

    I,ve heard the recording three times..aand for some reason asked to work with thoth and Isis…I’ve got a pink quartz that channels Isis..and put an emerald as well on my heart..well…for nearly two hours..i oculd feel lotsss of nergy working..and waves ..leaving through my feet…after I feel so centered , peaceful, like something shifted!! Feel more flexible…actually like my energy is more clear..not so slugishh!!

    Sooo happy!!
    Thank you!

    Was checking Judy Satory website..and saw your work…so now i am reading all!!

    Lots of love

    Maria Jose

  2. Thank-you so much, Ann. Love your transmissions. Much love to you 🙂

  3. Thank you Ann for this revitalising transmission…it’s so very much appreciated.

    • Dear Kate, you are most welcome.
      I am curious, did this energy transmission work for you? Since my body normally doesn’t feel much when I channel messages and energy, it would be nice to get some feedback from the users. It will also help to refine and improve my channeling skills, if necessary. Much thanks. Namaste, Ann

      • Hi Ann,

        Thank you for this transmission. I just listened to it and then felt some slight dizziness, maybe I was listening to a Mp3 player.

        I had listened to your light work transmission before, there was a time I cut and paste yr mp3 (only the light code part) and string it together and listen for a week. I was acting like a zombie for almost a month :-).

        For this transmission, it is perfect as it is but personally for me I felt that at times it sound so sad (or depressing) for me as you spoke but in your workshop, the speeches are more lifely..

        Your light code transmisiion has enough vocal force and pitch is just perfect.. I love it. !

        Appreciate your hard work 🙂

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