2 May – Mayan Mantra for Energy Protection, Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael shared as we approach the Great Void in the months ahead – the point in Time and Space where the dimensional shift of Earth will occur – we are taping into the mass consciousness of mankind more frequently. While this brings about a greater level of telepathy among ourselves, it can cause us to become more vulnerable to energy attacks and leakages at the same time.

What we focus on, we become. This is the spiritual law of attraction. So technically, if we concentrate on thinking and feeling Love, Peace and Onenes (qualities of the 5th dimensional reality we are transiting into), we would not attract fear based energies which manifest as psychic attacks or unusual energy depletion. However, AA Michael cautioned unless we are constantly aware of of our thoughts and feelings such as to uphold only the positive ones, it is almost inevitable that we attract negativity from the mass consciousness into our auric fields, especially during this time when the individual and collective mind are merging. To this end, AA Michael suggests we practise energy protection regularly, such as by using the following mantra :


I was told the vibration of this protection mantra is the same as those used by healers and shamans of the Mayan tradition. It means : I am the golden child of God; I am free of evil spirits; I am always protected by the Great Mother 
Rationale for Re-Connecting with Mayan Tradition
The Mayan calender will be ending on 21 December 2012, coinciding with the completion of the current World Age of 5,125 years. It believed that the Mayan calender will reset itself on that day and humanity begins a new World Age or cycle of evolution. AA Michael shared if we consciously reconnect with our Mayan lineage during this End Time, we’ll enable a smoother transition to the New Time or new beginnings. This is his reason for gifting us a Mayan energy protection technique.
(Note: I am aware that some Mayan experts are of the view that the Mayan calender has actually ended on 28 October 2011. I do not have a personal opinion as to which ‘end date’ is the correct one. With regard to this post, I am transmitting information as guided by AA Michael).
Application Procedure
  1. Visualise yourself in a star tetrahedron (shape of your electromagnetic field or merkabah) filled with golden light from AA Michael
  2. Recite the mantra three times
  3. Perform steps 1 and 2 (‘the practice’) daily, for a week, preferrably in the morning
  4. Repeat the practice during the day if you feel your protection has been compromised
  5. After the first week, whenever you think of your star tetrahedron with the intent to strengthen it, steps 1 and 2 will be activated automatically. Alternatively you may choose to repeat the same practice for another week.
Picture of a star tetrahedron for female (left) and male (right).

1 thought on “2 May – Mayan Mantra for Energy Protection, Archangel Michael”

  1. have written down all the Mayay mantra for me to do for a week for protection from arch angel michae for energy protection

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