The Great Shift – Transition to 2012

Posted in December 2012


Learn more about the planetary transition to a higher dimension of Light and the implication on the human consciousness from these experts…

Gregg Braden, author of “Fractal Time” 


21st December 2012 – winter solstice of 2012 – marks a very significant transition for Earth and humanity as explained by the convergence of cycles:

a)     End of 5th World Age

Every 5125 years, the natural changes in Earth’s position in space creates an astronomical alignment that signals the end of one cycle around the galaxy and the beginning of the next. The ancients called the periods of time between such alignments worlds or world ages. The Mayan Calendar marks 21st December 2012 as the end of the 5th world age (current cycle we are in), after which the calendar resets itself and we begin a new world age. Their calendar indicated the last great cycle began on the Mayan date 0.0.0000, which translates to August 11, 3114 B.C.

The Mayans believed the great birth that 2012 is facilitating is a spiritual one: humankind’s evolutionary leap in response to the cyclic changes of Earth’s orbit. The changes in climate, sea level, civilization and life that have accompanied the shifts in the past have been so great that when they’ve occurred, the existing world is said to have ended.

b)     Precession of the Equinox

precessional cycle

At the end of the current cycle (5th world age), our solar system, our sun and our planet move into an alignment with the equator (core) of the Milky Way galaxy – an alignment that will not happen again for another 25,625 years. As we cross the threshold of the galaxy’s equator in the 2012 timeframe, we not only begin a new 5125-year-long world age, but we also complete one precessional year of all 12 zodiac constellations and begin the next.

The closer we are to our galaxy’s core, the greater our degree of enlightenment. At the most distant portions of our orbit, we must make greater efforts to find our personal enlightenment.

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