Entering the Hall of Records on Earth Ascension Day – 21.12.2012


(Photo : Sphinx at dawn, Egypt Sacred Tour, 11.11.2008)

The context and purpose of this energy transmission is explained in the post ‘The Sphinx Awakens through the Alignment of the Suns; Hall of Records Opens on 21.12.2012‘.


The following is the procedure given by Cosmic Master Thoth for ‘entering’ the Hall of Records on 21.12.2012 for accessing the individual soul’s akashic records and uplifting the karmic imprint of humanity.

(a) Turn the body towards the East

(b) In a meditative state, place both hands onto your heart chakra to connect with the inner sun within your heart

(c) Ask to align your inner sun with the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun

(d) Visualise a golden Sphinx descending upon you and gradually enveloping your entire body. Feel and see that you have been transformed into the Sphinx of Giza

(e) Place your awareness on the third eye as you listen to this Light Language activation:

Click     for the activation codes channeled from Isis. These sounds form a light matrix to align your third eye with the Sphinx’s living light prism.

(f) Recite this mantra once: Kothi Amun. Let the inter-dimensional portal in me be open now.

(g) As you enter the Hall, you may have a sense of golden light pouring over you and your entire body buzzing with vibrations. Ask to access your soul’s akashic records and for your soul knowledge and wisdom to be transmitted to your subconscious mind through your third eye.

(h) Remain in quiet meditation until you feel that the transmission is complete.

(i) Before your leave the Hall, send forth thoughts of peace, beauty, gratitude or other positive thoughts you desire and ask that they be used to uplift the collective memory of humanity.

17 thoughts on “Entering the Hall of Records on Earth Ascension Day – 21.12.2012”

  1. jaspeadariel said:

    magnificent ty

  2. Thank you so much! I entered today but felt the energy. I live in Cairo and I have been very sick with sinusitis in last few days. I am wondering if this is related to the energy of my third eye cleaning up. I felt a golden energy, and when entering the Hall, lots of columns filled with hieroglyphs, from top to bottom. Then I saw books but there were place in shelves but not as real as the hall, the books were more like ethereal energy sourced. Then a white owl came and flew high to the ceiling of the Hall. Then a bright light in front of my third eye and then I asked for the transmission of the wisdom I need to complete my mission in this plane this lifetime. Interestingly enough is the fact that I felt I was in the Dendera Temple hall. Thanks!

  3. Thank you..with love 🙂

  4. Mercedes Calderon said:

    I may have been a little late but entered just the same. It was beautiful, powerfilled, and filled with crimson red rose vortex, where I made contact with my lion totem and saw myself in a former time with an interesting facial expression which I will allow to be contemplated. For now, I am connected and alive in the energy of All. Thank you…the light language is so soft to my ears, I felt myself inwardly speaking it as well. Have a beauty filled day!

  5. wow.

  6. singingbones said:

    Blessings and thanks on this holy day.

  7. maybe you missed this “10. The Hall of Records will become inaccessible for the purposes outlined below after 2:00 pm on 21.12.2012 Cairo Time (or 12:00 pm on 21.12.2012 UTC/GMT).”

  8. Today I was wondering about how to check into my akashic records – had never done it for myself before. Right after that thought, your email came – the experience of checking into the Hall of Records was uplifting for sure. Was shown new input on my task as a bringer and facilitator of light and consciousness. One new thing is to collaborate with like-minded people to bring in a new way of exchange for services that will empower everyone involved. My tendency is to share my gifts for free or donation at best. Many of us creatives/sensitives have problems with the bottom-line mentality – the drive to ‘make’ money, and that one of my future gifts is to create ways to change that. What will that look like? I got a brief peek . . . The way of the future is the ancient way of supporting each other, such as in the hunter-gather times before commerce emerged. The way of the future will definitely include social networking – in person and on line – and supporting and empowering each other instead of doing the alpha male/female power over number and control way of running organizations and businesses. Create true collaboration of creative efforts and a reciprocating paradigm that promotes sharing of rewards that can more than adequately sustain all us. Shalom.

  9. hey did you all realize the window for doing this meditation is 1 am eastern till 7 am eastern? I’m about to do it again since earlier today the alignment was not complete..

    • Florence Barcinas said:


      Would you please explain to me what do you mean by “your response is awaiting moderation?”

      Maybe I missed interpret the schedule….does this start 20.12.2012 to 21.12.2012? I am from Guam (western pacific), we are one day ahead of everyone. If this starts 20.12.2012, it will be 21.12.2012 here at our location. Please advice if I need to start the meditation again :). Love you all. Namaste.

      Love and Light, Florence

      Sent from my iPad

  10. This is so awesome! I felt more anchored to Mother Earth and at peace. Thank you so very much for sharing this. Love, Peace, and Light. Namaste!

  11. I sensed intense vibrations as soon as I opened this page. It took my breath away so I had to ground and center and ease into the flow before I could start the meditation. It was like drinking from a fire hose at first.
    Once into the meditation and into the hall of records It was an experience that confirmes for me that I am, and have been for quite some time, on the right path. I was shown a scroll and the only thing that was written upon it was the phrase. “You are ONE with ALL that is.” Then I was told that as long as I am BEING that I am living my life purpose.
    I’ve been telling people, for more than a decade, that I think I am here to teach people that WE ARE ALL ONE! This is what I do….

  12. No thoughts per se, just a sense of calm and vibration. Now, afterward, I feel deeply calm and centered, and almost anchored. Feel like I weigh more, am drawn more toward the earth.

  13. wow, this was powerful, glad I realized I needed to do it before the window closed! Namaste to ALL.

  14. michelle stead said:

    Absolutely amazing the shift that happened for the two weeks of intense fear, has been all worth it I feel like in home

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