Prayers for Building Your Soul Light

Prayer No. 1.

Mind, Body, Spirit Ascension  

{channeled by Judy Satori,}

With my mind, I am part of the Oneness of All;

With my body, I merge with All That Is;

With my spirit, I join my heart and soul with the Divine.

Let the power, wisdom and love of God be manifested through me.

Prayers No.2 to 6 : Extracted from 

“The Complete Ascension Manual” by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D

2. I choose to accept and invoke a deep penetration of the Mahatma energy, thereby allowing for a full and open radiation of my Divine self in service to All That Is Now.

3. I ask forth Vywamus to help me clear my subconscious mind of misconception and faulty beliefs and patterns.

4. I ask for the alignment with the Solar, Galactic and Universal axiatonal alignment and spiritual integration of light rays and alignment.

5. I call forth my 5th dimensional ascended self to merge its consciousness with my consciousness and aura throughout the day.

6. I call forth and attune to the Galactic Core and Galactic teachers

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