What is an Energy Attunement?

Information excerpted from Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course : A Self-Study Healing Program. Read more about this ACAST product HERE.



An attunement enables us to connect directly to a particular source of healing
energy, in the context of this course, to the divinities Isis and the Sirius star beings.

Each one of us is an energy being with an electro-magnetic field around us. You can
imagine yourself as a transmitter radio with the ability to tune in to different radio stations if the
antenna is positioned properly. So receiving an energy attunement is similar to
adjusting the antenna so that you can tune-in to the frequency of your spirit guides
more effectively.

Through this healing course, you will be attuned to receiving Isis’s and the Sirians’ energy. After the attunement, whenever you invoke them, these divinities will be surround you always when you are doing healing. You will be able to transmit their powerful energy from your entire body, in particular, your heart, hands and third eye.

During the attunement, the energy enters your crown chakra, activate your heart
chakra and third eye. Your energy circuitry will be rewired, followed by new neural
pathways created, such that your telepathic connection with these guides will be
enhanced by a great deal.

Amara Tia Ann, February 2013