Workshop: The Goddess Dance



Grounding Earth’s 5th Dimensional Light

The Earth began unfolding her 5th Dimensional (5D) aspect more fully from 21st December 2012 and I was told this transition of Earth is a gradual but steady process enabling her higher consciousness to be sufficiently anchored onto her physical body. As Earth undergoes this process of harmonising her 5D energy frequency with her 3rd dimensional (3D) physicality, we too will be propelled to experience the same alchemy of spiritualising our ego, that is, the coming together of soul and body. The more we instill our soul essence through our physical connection with Earth, the easier will be Earth’s transition to a 5D star called Tara and thus, the faster we shall co-create the 5D reality of love, peace and oneness.

Our Physical Connection with Earth is Time, Space and Elements

Earth, which provides the environment for creating our physical experiences, is defined through (linear) Time and Space. Our physical body, making up of the 4 elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air, is the vessel that allows us to dwell and partake in the world of materiality. In brief, the fundamental connection between humanity and Earth, and within humanity as a collective consciousness is: Time, Space and the 4 Elements. Engaging our intention and attention on these basic parameters of the 3D world provides great momentum and efficiency for materialising and anchoring the consciousness expansion which we are All part of.

The Feminine Principle as a Catalytic Force

The primal creative force is feminine in nature. This extremely transformational force is best invoked through the Goddesses which had lived through the different eras (Time) and whose wisdom remains alive through the traditions practised far and wide, across the North, South, East and West directions of Earth (Space).



The Goddess Dance is about…

  • Awakening your divine feminine power and connecting with Mother Earth to create positive changes to your physical health by strengthening the 4 elements of your body (Elements)
  • Utilising your physical presence to anchor your Soul Light at the 4 directions of Earth to support and harmonise the transitory changes currently affecting Earth and all of mankind (Space)
  • Embracing, cultivating and imprinting in the human collective memory the virtues of the divine feminine principle embodied by the Goddesses and their lineages (Time)


The number ‘4’ has the energetic properties of grounding, stabilising, steadying and securing and it also refers to Earth in her physical manifestation as having 4 elements and 4 directions. This workshop is therefore designed to optimise our subconscious understanding of the symbol ‘4’ in bringing about a harmonious upliftment and expansion for All.

Program Sponsors

The Goddess Dance is a 2-day workshop overshadowed by a group of Goddesses from 4 different traditions and cultures remembered by mankind through Time:

  • Egyptian: Goddess Ma’at, Sekhmet
  • Chinese: Kuan Yin and Green Tara
  • Western: Mary Magdalene and Artemis
  • Indian: Kali and Lakshmi

Teachings and Energy Activations Gifted by the Goddesses

  • Understanding the elements composition of Air, Water, Fire and Earth of the human body anatomy
  •  Strengthening these 4 elements of the physical body for achieving better health and creating a deeper bond with Mother Earth
  • Understanding the significance of the 4 directions of North, South, East and West in upholding a 5D consciousness of balanced polarity
  • Rituals, ceremonies and practices for anchoring harmony and balance at the 4 directions of Earth
  • Conversations with the Goddesses on cultivating the virtues and actualising the attributes of the divine feminine principle: Inner strength, wisdom, kindness, gentleness, courage, determination, tolerance, justice and sexuality.

Group Creation through Fun & Play: Creating Ascension Temples In Honour of Time, Space and the 4 Elements

Thoughts create. Common thoughts and actions create magnificently. Led by the Goddesses and working in groups, participants will create an altar or shrine using the 4 elements of Earth (or their symbolic representations) for anchoring Tara’s qualities of Love, Peace and Oneness at the 4 directions of Earth.