2020 Workshops (online)

OF BITS & BYTES – Plugging into a New Matrix. Hosted by the Arcturus Star Council for accelerating our be-coming as the galactic human. October 2020. 

“Suspended in the Universe …O my, the vastness (It was like what you see in Star Wars or Star Trek……sheer darkness yet not…stars …planets within…without…and there was our Merkabah in the centre of the Stillness……and I felt lines of energy/information flowing from the other Galaxies towards us as to was Arcturus.

The microcrystals around the Pineal gland being tuned up….made me smile as I was not sure if it was me adding more or they just surrounded it…more the merrier 😊

The Arcturian presence felt sooooooo TALL …

I feel soooo Deeeeply nourished and excited…WOW to what you and your Team offered us today.” – Sian Jewell, UK

2019 Workshops

SoulTalk  A Channeling Course led by Thoth and Lady Nada, Powered by Atlantis Crystal Grid, Aug to Sept 2019

“The 2-day SoulTalk workshop was informative and rewarding.  Ann guided us through not only the know-how in channeling with our high-self, but also provided us with handful of spiritual knowledge and foundation that enabled us to continue the journey with faith and confidence.  With Ann’s love and passion, we were able to benefit from each and every attunement from various Guides and Masters. Thank you Ann and Andy for your dedication and unselfishness!” – Danny Omen, Hong Kong, Sept 2019

I went for the Soultalk workshop with no concrete expectations in mind as I love being in the presence of both Amara Ti Ann and the participants she attracts. It was an amazing experience. The teachings were both simple and yet had depth and layers. 

The way that the workshop was scaffolded and organised allowed newbies to learn the basics of channelling and at the same time, opened new pathways for the more experienced channellers. I’ve been able to benefit from the daily suggested practices easily and organically. The teachings have also connected me more deeply to my higher true self and there is a new clarity in the messages that are coming through. My heart is brimming as I relive the moments while typing this testimonial. Thank you Ann and team.” – Zaitoon, Singapore, Sept 2019

“The course was a wonderful integration of using mind, body, heart and spirit to connect with our Higher Selves and channel from the Higher Realms. Always from a space of Love and Light, the energy activations, along with the theories explained and exercises given for practice, helped me strengthen my trust and confidence in unique ways Spirit communicates with each one of us. Thank you, Ann, Andy, Thoth and Lady Nada!” – DJ, Singapore, Sept 2019

2018 Workshops

Self-Mastery of Human Emotions Workshop Series, Oct to Dec 2018


Go to Alchemy of Horus (March – May) for course details.

“Ann has assisted unfolding my spiritual journey for the past 6 years. At every stage, her teachings have given me the momentous insight that leads me to see the divine tapestry at play. The Alchemy of Horus Healing Course- provided the necessary grounding of knowledge to the material world. With this class, I know the initiations to come for a larger purpose in this world” – Yang Loh, Singapore, June 2018

“A great and exciting pleasure to be working and experiencing  Horus and Arcturus at the Alchemy of Horus Workshop! This workshop really brought on the ‘heat’ as the powerful life forces of The Sun coursed through me and brought my energy system to another level of operation. The organic life power of Horus coupled with the Higher currents from Arcturus has given my spiritual configuration a much needed ‘upgrade.’ I feel that these activations has expanded my range of insights and energetic support during my newer sessions with clients. Particularly interesting is connecting and communicating with my personal psychic fire serpent in my third eye which has helped me tremendously in understanding my own spiritual needs and the needs of others. I cannot recommend the ACAST workshops and programs enough. The guides that come through with knowledge and activations always feel timely to me and the teachings keep getting clearer and clearer and more relevant by the sessions. Thank you Ann, Andy and The Family Of Light, for being an integral part of this existence”-  Irving Paul Pereira, Artist, Author, Tarot Card Reader, Singapore, June 2018

Go to Rhythm Masterclass (June) for program details.


“During this Rhythm class through Ann’s channelling, the Masters brought in higher energetic vibrations of healing and I felt being more integrated through the meridian pulses. At the end of the class, my kidney meridians were buzzing with energy and I am certain that deeper healing of this organ took place.

Rhythm Masterclass came in most timely for me after the recent Alchemy of Horus (AOH) Healing Course which had prepared my body in transitioning to higher realms of consciousness. At the AOH class, I was shown by Uraeus (symbolising my psychic self) how to attune and activate the medulla oblongata using cranio-sacral techniques. This new energy work will assist me to better fulfill my soul mission to be in higher service to others.

I highly recommend both these classes and am sure that all will be imprinted with these light frequencies and be the new divine beings. Thank you Ann” – Mary Ho, June 2018

“This masterclass has given me the opportunity to work better and deeper with energies from Arcturus. In particular, the energetic work on our individual morphogenetic field and meridian lines has helped my energy flow more effectively as old programming debris or distortion points blocking my energy pathways has been cleared and neutralised. I’ve never felt this ‘clean’ and ‘sure footed’ internally before, as if i’m standing on new holy ground within. I  am very grateful i could be present at this masterclass. Thank you Ann, Andy and all beings of Light involved in bringing us to a higher plane of consciousness together” –   Irving Paul Pereira, Artist, Author, Tarot Card Reader, Singapore, June 2018

For 2017 Events


Go to Flourish Workshop for program details.

Last weekend was one of the most powerful and enlightening workshops I have ever attended. The knowledge that I got has shed so much light on the mysteries of the universe and the cosmos. I cannot wait to learn more from you and the guides in the near future ” – Bunny Caminade, Manila, June 2017

“If I can attend only one workshop in 2017, then FLOURISH definitely is the ONE.  I have experienced important shifts during and after the workshop.  It has facilitated my integration of ascension energy and most importantly, provided a quick access to my multi-dimensional intelligence.  Additional bonus is drinking the water charged by the Cross-galactic Geometric Alignment coaster gifted to the participants. Big hugs & thanks to Ann, Andy, Archangel Metatron, Inter- Galactic Federation of Light and contribution of divine beings of light.” – Louise Choi, Hong Kong, April 2017

“Ever since the activations by and immersion in the FLOURISH energy field, i personally feel expanded beyond my current self. It feels like I’ve broken through a glass ceiling. Previously, i was aware of my chakras, up to my soul star, but since the opening and awakening of the higher intergalactic portals along my energy body, there is a feeling of boundlessness, of energies no longer moving in a local sphere. Truly intergalactic!

On a practical level, my tarot readings for clients have taken on a new dimension. With The Sirian High Council as a guiding intelligence, I find my interpretation of tarot images and understanding of my clients needs have become clearer, more creative and more effective than ever before. I also find it a blessing to be able to connect to a much vaster intelligence (Intergalactic Federation of Light) every time I find a need for greater support in the work that I do.

My sense of time has shifted as well, finding myself less concerned with what is ‘passing’ and more in tune with a constant ‘presence in the present.’  It feels like I’m sitting within my reality in a much more comfortable and empowering way and all of space-time is within easy reach. Thank you Amara Tia Ann for being such a supportive human contact in this multidimensional world we all call home. May the FLOURISH workshop FLOURISH, wherever it is guided to go!”  – Irving Paul Pereira, Artist, Author, Tarot Card Reader, Singapore, April 2017

“Ann is an gifted channel who is able to bring through light language exceptionally clear messages from the Archangels, spirit guides, and ascended masters. In the Fluorish workshop, we connected in a very deep way with Intergalactic energies, and received much energetic downloads and activations. I felt like I received a big boost to my spiritual development!”    – Lim Yee Fun, Singapore, April 2017

“Thank you so much for a wonderful and breathtaking weekend. I have learned so much from you, and I will forever be grateful for your teachings, your guidance, and your kindness”. – Lorraine, Manila, June 2017

For 2016 Events

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Go to Workshop Details for more information on workshop.

How I loved being at Song of Atlantis with everyone, all such beautiful people, for such an auspicious moment in time of gifting us with the New Atlantis programmes.  Amara-Tia Ann, whom I have the deepest honour, respect and admiration for brought us important information from the Spiritual Hierarchy, connecting us with our God consciousness through our higher heart chakra.   

What a very special moment in time Song of Atlantis has been for me.  My life has so much more meaning and I feel at peace with myself knowing I am one with everyone bringing in Light and Joy to all people and all life upon this Earth.  I have always wondered what my true purpose is here on earth and now I don’t need to have that constant nagging thought which made me feel insecure about myself.

Not only was this weekend the best course I’ve ever been to, having a private session with Amara Tia Ann has profoundly changed my life for the better forever. I am deeply content.”                                                 – Diane Lowe, Canterbury, NZ, Mar ’16

It is difficult for me to put words to the enormity of my experience at this workshop. I left feeling radiant and cleansed, inspired and joyful, nourished and enlivened.

I was drawn to attend by some unconscious magnetic pull and really had no idea what I would discover or experience. But what Amara Tia held and channelled was a magnificent mix of magic, science and divinity. The music and song offered by Annwyn and Raeul enriched the teachings and were teachings and channellings in themselves.

It all seemed to offer great hope for the planet and for people. The extraordinary promise and vision of the first Atlantean pioneers appears not only possible but has now begun to unfold and anchor. It is wondrous and beautiful!  I feel touched and blessed, humbled and deeply honoured to have been a part of something so immensely wondrous and beautiful. Thank you – the time has come.”                  

Blessings, Ruth, NZ, Mar ’16

“Thank you so much for yet another Mind and Soul expanding experience with Song Of The New Atlantis. As a traveller with ACAST and the Company of Light, I am always deeply encouraged to find my thought-patterns aligning and affirming naturally with the teachings and energies that come through every session. This particular workshop has given me deeper energetic roots, a broader Spiritual perspective, a stronger magickal body and a bigger WIll-fire in my heart to engage with my path and the path of humanity’s growth. I found the activations to be vivid, enlivening and timely for my ‘lives’ in its current states. I am happy and grateful to be part of this bigger Design. Thank you again and I look forward to future programs!”

– Paul Pereira, Singapore, Metaphysics, Sound, Art, Literature, May ’16

“I enjoyed the workshop tremendously and the energies, support and discussion from everyone is very encouraging for me to grow to next level. Definitely will continue to meditate regularly, Being One and, anchor and expand the New Atlantis energy.  Thank you very much for the beautiful experience.”                   – Chel-C, Singapore, May ’16

2015 Workshops

Go to Workshop Details for more information on workshop.

“In less than ten months, I’ve attended three workshops from Ann and Andy already, finding clarity each time I do. The “Be Love, Be Loved” workshop sent me connecting within myself, discovering a new paradigm of healing through soul families. It took me to an amazing journey of self discovery and enlightenment. The delightful presence of the Goddesses provided the base energies to anchor on every segment of the workshop. It simply is breath taking! And if you are open to the energies, I believe the workshop is more than two days, as what we’ve experienced. The day before and after the workshop is quite a revelation as well!”   – Miqo Dionisio, Lightworker, Philippines

The workshop has deepened my understanding of soulmate relationship. Ann was very engaging and articulated the teachings from the Goddesses very well with a great sense of humor and “lightness”. I experienced heart opening and being more expressive of my feelings and creativity with the connection to Hathors’ energies. Dancing in the joy of light and sound! Thank you Ann!       – Betty Lim, Singapore

“An enchanting weekend attuning to the loving energies of the 6 Goddesses. Practical meditations to manifest and connect with soulmates, , and also fascinating information on the nature of soulmates, twin flames, and soul families.”    – Yee Fun, Singapore

“My experience on the workshop it is relevance and appropriate for anyone at whichever level of consciousness & whichever path one is on..The Goddesses can tune in to individual basis to support them when the need arises.. I am speaking from my experience & perspective of a shamanic path, where some process during the workshop have been realign and refocus energetically  to my path & for my need.” – CP Loke, Malaysia

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Go to Workshop Details for more information on workshop.

“One of the most wondrous outcome from The New Human Workshop was the cysts in my ovaries disappeared. An affirmation of Thoth’s message I received during one of the practices. The connection I have with Thoth and the knowledge received continues to expand after the workshop to include other life forms, the Earth, the eco system and our body.  I may not know how to articulate some of the information received yet it brings me comfort, joy and excitement to be able to connect the dots. I have known and attended Ann and Andy’s workshops for 8 years now.  Till today, I am still in awe and deeply appreciative of their dedication and passion in bringing knowledge and healing to humanity.” May Chan, Singapore, March 2015 

“It was a great joy and privilege to attend the New Human Body Workshop led by Thoth and channelled by Amara Tia over the Equinox weekend. The topics covered (accessing the Halls of Amenti, human physiology, metaphysical reasons for dis-ease, healing techniques gifted by Thoth, Sirians and Pleiadians) were fascinating and illuminating. It was a great and unique learning experience, conducted with the care, love, humour and professionalism that is typical of Amara Tia and Andy. I came away from the workshop equipped with new healing skills, a deeper connection with Spirit and supercharged by the activations at a cellular and energetic level.” – Dorothy Chan, Singapore, March 2015

“Hey Ann, Andy, Thoth + Gang, thanks so much for the New Human Body workshop! I now see my own body with brand new eyes, one that appreciates its amazing intelligence, wisdom and natural attunement to the cycles of death and rebirth. For me, the workshop has enhanced my Mind, Body and Soul, and has helped me truly appreciate the overarching mission of Light to bring more light into every life in the Universe. The activations in particular has shifted my energy pattern and consciousness towards greater clarity, power and confidence to carry on this unique journey as a human being. I cannot thank The Forces enough for sharing all the Love and Wisdom with us, so that we can grow together as The Unified Diversity of God.” – Paul Pereira, Singapore, March 2015

“Over a magical 2 days during the Equinox, I had the great pleasure of attending the New Human Body Workshop, facilitated by Ann Tay. Ann channeled deeply profound and yet extremely practical knowledge and advice from Thoth and other ascended masters. The atmosphere in the room was electrifying; it was almost like Thoth speaking directly to me! I lost count of how many activations and new healing techniques we have been taught in the workshop – there must have been over 10 in total. I have no doubt that I will still be processing and learning from the teachings for years to come.” – Yee Fun, Singapore, March 2015

“I am so glad I attended the first session of The New Human Body in Singapore over the Equinox, Super Moon and Eclipse. I highly respect Ann Tay as a powerful healer and teacher. The teachings she channels in her own unique way ( if you have never heard someone speaking and being ” light language”, you have to attend this workshop!) are unique and always very precious and empowering and it was the case again for this workshop empowered by Cosmic Master Thoth.

As a channel myself, I know how high the frequencies are when working with Thoth and that it requires so much love and preparation to hold his energies for a whole week-end.  So thanks for this gift of the New Human Body workshop. The decoding of the Emerald Tablets, the secrets of the Halls of Amenti and the Flower of life were enlightening!  This workshop also offers a bridge between physical symptoms and their metaphysical reasons, opening the possibilities to new forms of healing. It was packed with new healing tools, together with powerful light language activations. To me, it was the best workshop which expounded the principle that whether on a physical level or quantum level, everything is connected and is One. I would recommend it to anyone who is a healer or is willing to get a better understanding of ones’ ailments or is looking to receive powerful healing tools and activations.” – Leantara Shah, Singapore, March 2015

“I was excited to learn from Thoth and especially with Amara Tia Ann as the pure and humble channeller and with Andy who supports in other matters to make us participants feel most comfortable and relaxed. It was an immense privilege to be seated with other eager and like minded participants, who were all paying rapt attention to and our shared laughter with teachings by Thoth, the Sirians, the Pleidians and many other Ascended Masters, certainly brought forth a high vibration group frequency in the class. The attunements and healing sessions were to my view, very personal to each person’s experience appropriate to their spiritual journey. In this insightful and profound experience of learning about the coming New Human Body and its many gems of knowledge, tools and practices to healing, I came away with the knowing that the application and understanding of this knowledge would take weeks and months, for me to observe, reflect, ponder and refer back to the materials as I seek clarity on the blueprint of the New Human Body and how I can heal people I know and love” – S. Yeo, Singapore, April 2015

For 2014 Workshops

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Go to Workshop Details for more information.

“Ann, please accept my heart felt gratitude for the providing me with the opportunity to be exposed to such great knowledge and wisdom by attending two of your programs; Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing (Melbourne) and Rising of the Phoenix (Brisbane). Both gave me incredible knowledge and confidence to do the work I do as a teacher and a healer. Your passion and certainty in what you were teaching is a gift to the world. The personal reading I received, confirmed that I was on the “right” path and my spiritual guides are there to support to assist me with my work. – Leon D Beaton, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, October 2014

With Love & Gratitude, Thank You Ann. Thank You Andy. The “Rising of the Phoenix” workshop is a true gift from the Universe. I came out of the workshop feeling great alignment with Source, empowered with JOY & Ease through activations and best of all, a taste of a significant quantum shift of my energy field in my journey of awakening never felt before. This workshop is a powerful syngery of the last few Ann’s workshops I took added together, only that this one is more profound and aim to unfold in us even greater potentials, to enJOY I AM and to actualize all gifts received in our own time, a true blessing indeed.” – Phoebe Ikia, Hong Kong, September 2014


” I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Amara Tia Ann and Intipakaret (Andy) for the amazing workshop. Besides activating our Diamond Light Body of Love frequency and Golden Light Body of Joy frequency, profound insights were channeled too. The healing practices and demonstrations incorporated were awesome and fun. I practised channeling my diamond light to my mother remotely for healing her knee pain. She reported an immediate improvement. I feel a new consciousness has been awakened in me. It was truly a delightful experience having attended Rising of the Phoenix as well as other workshops facilitated by Ann..because they are unique, insightful and comprehensive.” – Louise Choi, Hong Kong, September 2014


“For those who have been seeking it: The science behind Joy and Golden Light  and anchoring this at a learning, thinking,feeling and be-ing level. For me, the workshop has deepened conscious awareness that every step,thought,word,action in the design of my journey matters. I had never thought of my life as ‘footprint building’ and this consciousness has hit home even more. Thank you to Lord Maitreya, Archangel Metatron and Star guides for your love,wisdom,guidance. To be supported on this journey by Amara Tia Ann and Andy is a privilege. Thank you to both,with lots of blessings and gratitude, love.” – Ng Lu Yen, Malaysia, August 2014″


“Many thanks for the workshop. I found it incredibly enlightening in that it really helped tie together all the information that spirit has been sharing with us up to this point from your previous workshops. I really did feel a rebirth of joy and love after walking out of the workshop and continue to feel this way as i regularly activate these light bodies. I hope we can all shine brightly in these golden light bodies and inspire others to do the same simply through being the wonderful frequency of joy” – Michael Lynch, Singapore, August 2014

“I was intoxicated with Joy for a week or so, following the workshop. Now vibrating at a higher level, I’m more open to receive Cosmic Energy of Love. able to connect with my guides better and I become more aware and attentive to their nudges and messages. The strength (both physically and spiritually) in me has grown stronger. At times I could see clearly with my third eyes. I am truly grateful for the experiences I have each day. It enriches my life.” – Zainon, Singapore, September 2014

Thank you for the Rising of the Phoenix workshop, Ann. What I learned has been very helpful in giving me an understanding of what wasn’t clear before and accceptance of things I’ve been experiencing in life, giving me focus and clarity in my path of service. Since the workshop, I’ve felt the expansion and strengthening of my pranic tube through which the white column of light constantly flows and disperses into rainbow light through my third eye. I feel this has consolidated my crystalline matrix and thus ‘locked in’ the joy frequency in my being.” – Stacy, Singapore, September 2014

“The workshop brought together very nicely how we are infinitely and mathematically connected to the cosmos and to ALL THAT IS. I loved the diamond light of Christ Consciousness and the golden light of Buddhic Consciousness – the two together are so powerful! The key difference from before, is the knowing that I am LOVED and this gives me even more JOY! ” – Yvonne Li, Hong Kong, September 2014

” In August this year, I resonated with Amara Tia’s Rising of the Phoenix workshop and from the moment I signed up for the class, instantaneously  I was blessed with energy downloads ,alignments and healings everyday and during my sleep time too. At one point I saw light language screening down and golden lights downloaded through my pranic tube and felt it flowed to the earth. Intuitively I know the masters and guides need to prepare my physical body for the workshop.

 On the second day of the workshop, I felt Maitreya’s presence and golden light being downloaded onto me instantaneously. I stayed in bliss, enjoying my golden light body expansion. By sharing my experiences, I wish others will also hear their calling and contribute to the Phoenix Grid !” – May Hoh, Singapore, August 2014

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“Since attending the workshops held by Amara Tia Ann from 2012, I have strengthened my inner faith and increased my sense of inner power. Her recent April 2014 workshop “The Human Story” again shows that she is an incredibly pure and clear channel, and a great spiritual teacher for her intuition and compassion. The messages channeled in the workshop assist me to gain clarity of the evolution and future of humanity and its place in the universe. The energy work and exercises in the workshop are equally powerful in opening my mind to the messages from Thoth, realigning my lower bodies, and activating my potentials for attuning to the earth’s transformation. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is in search of insights during this period of changes.” – Asha Lam, founder of Karma Consultants, Hong Kong April 2014

“As a participant drawn to attend your workshop, I did feel inspired on the one theme that you have highlighted – I AM MY OWN CREATOR. It has already started to influence so thought processes this week. Some of the insights provided by Thoth were also very helpful and even though it is already a week since the workshop, some of the things said, I am still mulling over. So overall, I was happy at the workshop. Happy too to have known you with the power to channel for so long. And happy too that I felt a connection with you” –  Vidyut Gandhi, Singapore, March 2014 

For 2013 Workshops

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“Just over 10 days after The Goddess Dance workshop in KL,  I reflect on what I have learnt – and a profound sense of gratitude arises –  so much learning, understanding, clarity of what it takes to  truly honour what our bodies represent, arming us with deeper awareness to guide with greater certainty our journey of tapping into the highest potential of all that we can be.   Many blessings, love, light to Amara Tia Ann for these transmissions. The way that you expanded these teachings for our understanding, also through the invitation of enquiry enabled us to explore, relate and reflect  within a beautiful space.  Very much looking forward to the ‘compendium’ of teachings.  Thank you Goddesses for your teachings and healing gifts”  – Loo Yen, Malaysia, October 2013

“Your workshop was a wonderful experience. I had never felt Ma’at’s presence so intensely. And I think I have fallen in love with Artemis’ energy 🙂 I had never worked with her before. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. You are such a giving person and it was a joy and privilege participating in this first edition of the Goddess Dance workshop” – Kavita, Singapore, September 2013

“Thank you for holding such a fun & enjoyable workshop with lots of information from the Goddess teachings.  I really  felt the love & compassion of the Goddesses during the class & also received a lot of healing.   I believed the other participants felt the same way too.” – Choong Mei Mei, Singapore, September 2013

“Every section of the workshop provides valuable insight on the body’s functions and how to care for it. Totally informative and  relevant for my own physical body and my future classes and workshops.  What’s amazing is I am blissful most of the time despite the major changes in my life right now.  ” – May Chan, Singapore, September 2013

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“It was an honour and privilege to be a participant in Amara Tia Ann’s The Making of Adam Kadmon Workshop in NYC during the Summer Solstice.  Amaria Tia Ann’s channeling and insights were way beyond my expectations.  The information she imparted to all the participants, though deep and powerful, were transmitted in such a clear and precise manner that everything was easily understood. She is an excellent, powerful and most-loving messenger for Spirit and one of the best, if not the best messenger a lightworker could ever have.  My heartfelt gratitude for her utmost devotion and invaluable service to humanity.” – Sonia, USA, June 2013

“The workshop experience I had with Amara Tia Ann was so incredibly phenomenal, that words can essentially only point to the magnitude of the amazing empowering experience of Love and Light and gaining of Wisdom I partook in and walked away with.  The spiritual/emotional high I experienced was so pure, joyous, and angelically sensational…unlike anything I’ve ever experienced to date.  As a result of the workshop I feel tremendously empowered with new wisdom, insight, and resources to work with to further advance my own soul journey.  Also, the gratitude I felt cannot be contained…and I feel it was a contagion effect through Ann and the guides and angels she channeled as they too were endlessly grateful and so humble.  I walk away with a hunger to continue to learn and a desire to share love and light with all dimensions of being-ness in our infinite world!!!  My gratitude is truly limitless and I look forward to more workshops with the greatest intensity!!!” – Richard Kun, USA, June 2013


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